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Literary Archives in the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

By Special Collections (Archive Management), the CUHK Library 香港中文大學圖書館的檔案館藏 (CUHK Library Archival Collections) 成立於 2014 年,專門整理及保存歷年來各界人士捐贈的檔案資料,以供讀者閱覽和研究。檔案館藏涵蓋文學、藝術、社會和歷史等範疇,包括手稿、函牘、剪報、照片、檔案和畫作等資料。藏品當中的 劉以鬯文獻、盧瑋鑾文獻、舒巷城手稿 和 古兆申手稿 等,對研究香港的文學、社會和文化狀況極具價值。此外,館藏的霍克思文獻 (David Hawkes papers)、高行健特藏 (Gao Xingjian collection) 和北島 (Bei Dao) 的手稿資料等,都是珍貴的文學研究資料。  

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Basic principles in support of human rights

At the ICA Congress in Seoul in September 2016, the Basic Principles of the Role of Archivists and Record Managers in Support of Human Rights was endorsed by the Programme Commission as an ICA working document for discussion, publicising and … Continue reading

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