Promoting SLA in Croatia

A new issue of the Croatian archives journal @rhivi has just appeared, and includes an article in Croatian about the work of ICA’s Section for Archives of Literature and Art.

Croatian-speakers can access the article here: @rhivi article: → Essay in Croatian about SLA.

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Like London Buses …

(There is a saying in London which runs “You wait for ages for a bus and then two come along together”.)

2018 has been a good year for our subject-area of Literary Archives. At the start of the year there was no book-length publication on literary archives, and by the end of the year there were two.

In July 2018 we announced the publication of the collection of essays entitled The future of literary archives, published by Arc Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press, with contributions from several SLA members.

And then in November 2018 we announced the publication of the special Literary Archives edition of the ICA journal Comma, published by Liverpool University Press.

I would like to thank all the SLA members who contributed to these two publications and helped to make 2018 such a good year for our Section. Best wishes to all for the December holiday season.

David Sutton
Chair / Président of SLA

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Literary Archives edition of ‘Comma’ published

We are pleased to announce that the special literary archives edition of the ICA journal Comma has now been published (November 2018). The online version can be accessed here. The contents are as follows:

* Preface

* Veno V. Kauaria and David C. Sutton: Literary archives around the world: the view from Namibia

* Heather Dean: Learning and teaching with literary archives

* Sebastian Gurciullo: Keeping born-digital literary and artistic archives in an imperfect world: theory, best practice and good enoughs

* Catherine Hobbs and Sara Viinalass-Smith: Outside the margins and beyond the page: complex digital literature, the new horizon for acquisition, conservation, curation and research

* Wim Van Mierlo: What to do with literary manuscripts? A model for manuscript studies after 1700

* Deborah Jenkins: Where are our heroes, martyrs and monuments? Archives of authors, publishers and editors from the Caribbean diaspora in London institutions

* Marta Fernández Campa: Literary correspondence: letters and emails in Caribbean writing

* Jens Boel and David C. Sutton: Archives at risk: addressing a global concern

* Marietta Minotos and Anna Koulikourdi: Management of archival literary sources: the Greek approach

* Katri Kivilaakso: Research, re-cataloguing and acquisition policy: new developments at the Archive of the Finnish Literature Society

* Т.М. Горяева: Архивы культуры в России

* Sara S. Hodson: Building on the Huntington Library’s literary foundation

* Luciana Negrini and David C. Sutton: A location list of literary archives in Brazil

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Directory of Literary Archives

Directories of Literary Archives and Sports Archives

As reported in the recent ICA publication Flash 36, SLA Secretary Heather Dean has prepared a proposal to ICA’s Programme Commission (PCOM) for a thoroughgoing revision and updating of our World-Wide Directory of Repositories holding Archives of Literature and Art. And the excellent news is that PCOM has agreed the proposal and the associated funding in full. This will enable us to employ a part-time worker on this mini-project, starting very soon and extending into 2019.

Any SLA member with suggestions for updating and improving entries in the Directory for any particular country should contact Heather Dean directly with the information or suggestion. A wonderful article about literary archives in Greece, for example, in the upcoming special literary issue of Comma makes it clear that our Directory entries for Greece need to be reviewed. And we need to reflect the work on literary archives (discussed at the recent SCOLMA meeting) in Botswana, Cameroon, Malawi and Namibia.

On 8-9 October 2018, the conference of SPO (the ICA Section for Sports Archives) will be held in Girona. SLA will represented at that meeting and there will be an agenda opportunity for the discussion of general principles in the constructing of archival directories, and also whether the SLA literary directory could provide a model for a future SPO sports directory.

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SCOLMA Conference on African literary archives

The conference of SCOLMA (the UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa) will be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, on Monday 10 September 2018, with the subject of African literary archives, and the pleasing title of Things come together?

The conference will range over topics including papers of literary authors from South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi; the African literary archives which are owned by institutions in the USA and the UK; and SLA’s work on literary archives in Namibia and Cameroon.

The conference programme can be found here.

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SLA in Yaoundé, November 2018

ICA Annual Conference 2018, Yaoundé

The Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives (ICA) for 2018 will take place this November in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, with the main conference being held at the Yaoundé Conference Centre (Palais des Congrès de Yaoundé) on the 26-28 November 2018 and the business meetings of ICA (Executive Board, Section and Branch meetings etc.) in the days beforehand. Although the Executive Board has previously met in Tamanrasset, Algeria (2009) and Arusha, Tanzania (2017), this will be the first time that ICA has held a full conference in Africa. The theme of the 2018 conference will be “Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage”.

The monument to the reunification of Cameroon

The work of SLA on literary archives in Cameroon and literary archives in Namibia will be showcased during the conference, and a varied and interesting session has been put together by the conference organisers for Tuesday 26 November, including African literary archives, African football archives, and the musical heritage of Cape Verde.

We hope that as many SLA members as possible will take the opportunity to visit Yaoundé and to attend the ICA conference.

The four presentations on 26 November will be as follows:

* Literary archives in Cameroon (David Sutton)
* Le maillot des Lions Indomptables du Cameroun: une archive alternative (Narcisse Ekongolo Makake)
* The Morabeza music of Cape Verde (Jantje Steenhuis)
* The Messi-Chitalu goals landmark controversy: a case for records keeping in international sports archives (Francis Garaba)

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‘The Future of Literary Archives’

The long-awaited collection of essays reflecting the work of the Diasporic Literary Archives Network has now been published. Entitled The Future of Literary Archives (edited by David C. Sutton and Ann Livingstone), the book is published jointly by ARC Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press. The contents reflect many of the themes and challenges which were pursued and developed by the Diasporic Literary Archives Network, and it is indicative that the book’s Index, in addition to referencing the many literary authors cited, has multiple entries for concepts such as “the politics of location”, “archival ethics”, “archival return” and “appropriateness of location”. Other major themes of the book include the market in literary archives, archives at risk, publishers’ archives, the particular case of Caribbean archives, digitisation and digital archives, the collecting of emails, translators’ papers, appraisal and selection, and cataloguing challenges.

The full list of contents is as follows:
* David C. Sutton: ‘Introduction: Literary Papers as the Most “Diasporic” of All Archives’
* Alison Donnell: ‘Caribbean Literary Archives and the Politics of Location: Challenging the Norms of Belonging’
* Maureen Roberts: ‘The Huntley Archives at London Metropolitan Archives’
* André Derval: ‘Conserving Private Literary and Editorial Archives: the Story of the IMEC’
* Jennifer Toews: ‘Migration, Freedom of Expression, and the Importance of Diasporic Literary Archives’
* Jens Boel: ‘The Universal Dimension of Diasporic Literary Archives’
* Veno V. Kauaria and David C. Sutton: ‘Namibian Literary Archives: New Beginnings and a Possible African Model’
* Sophie Heywood: ‘Francophone Archives at Risk’
* Daniela La Penna: ‘Italian Literary Archives: Legacies and Challenges’
* Trudy Huskamp Peterson: ‘Unknown/Unknowns and Known/Unknowns’
* Andrew Nash: ‘Publishers’ Archives, Authors’ Papers, and Literary Scholarship’
* Serenella Zanotti: ‘Diasporic Archives in Translation Research: A Case Study of Anthony Burgess’s Archives’
* David C. Sutton: ‘Conclusion: The Future of Literary Manuscripts – An International Perspective’

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