Dissident Authors Project

This past year, a suggestion was made to form a project to develop guidelines and practices to protect the archives of dissident writers. As prominent cultural figures who give voice to a people’s concerns or political realities writers are often targeted by oppressive regimes. Archival records from dissident writers could serve as important evidence of the tensions and values at play within those societies. However, the precarious position of these archival creators (who often experience threats and imprisonment) endangers, as well, their archival records and underground publications.

The project aimed to develop its guidelines in co-operation with the Human Rights Working Group and with advice from International PEN.

Following discussions in Brisbane, we now wish to make a start on this project.

The suggestion has been made to the Human Rights Working Group to co-operate with them as this takes shape. Several members of the SLA have or are willing to work with several chapters of International PEN.

We welcome your input as the project moves forward.

Catherine Hobbs
SLA Committee member

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3 Responses to Dissident Authors Project

  1. Deborah Jenkins says:

    Congratulations on starting up a really interesting project. It may be that colleagues in ICA’s Section for Local Municipal & Territorial Archives (SLMT) have knowledge or case studies to share, so the next time we do an SLMT mailing (after we recover from Brisbane!), we’ll spread the word. Best wishes,
    Deborah Jenkins
    Chair/Présidente SLMT


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