Literary manuscripts in Brazil

Our colleague in São Paulo, Luciana Negrini, who posted the article on Osman Lins here in May 2013, has sent us a lot more information about literary archival collections in Brazil.  It appears that Brazil meets two of the suggested criteria for the any one country to develop a really good set of collections of literary manuscripts of its own national authors: (1) there needs to be a strong national and cultural commitment to the importance of literary manuscripts; (2) it helps if the manuscripts are written in a language which is not much studied or used in the wealthiest collecting countries (see the January 2013 post on Saramago, Pamuk, Mahfouz and others).

With Luciana’s help, we have now updated the pages of Brazilian repositories holding literary manuscripts on the official ICA website.  She has also prepared a superb listing of the whereabouts of the papers of the principal authors of modern Brazilian literature.

Thanks Luciana.  Great work!

David Sutton
Chair/Président of SLA

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