Meeting in Brussels, 22 November 2013: informal only

As most members of the SLA Committee are not able to travel to the ICA conference in Brussels, we will not be holding a formal meeting on Friday 22 November, as previously proposed. SLA members can meet informally to discuss projects and joint working, however: please contact me ( if you are going to be in Brussels. We are making good progress with the Worldwide Directory and the Dissident Authors project in particular, which I will be happy to outline to members.

Best wishes,

David Sutton
Chair / Président, SLA

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1 Response to Meeting in Brussels, 22 November 2013: informal only

  1. David Sutton says:

    The Section does not need to hold a formal business meeting until 2015, so the next meeting will also be informal. This will be held on the day before the opening of the ICA Annual Meeting in Girona – i.e. the afternoon of Sunday 12 October 2014. It will comprise a report-back session on current SLA projects and attendance will be open to all ICA members, not just members of SLA.
    David Sutton


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