Gabriel García Márquez papers bought by Ransom Center

In line with the rumours which have been circulating for some weeks now, the archive of Gabriel García Márquez is going (despite the best efforts of the National Library of Colombia to acquire it) to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

This is part of the report from

‘The university said Monday it bought the collection from Garcia Marquez’s family, but wouldn’t say how much it cost, citing a competitive bidding process.

Garcia Marquez was a close friend of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and was sometimes outspoken in his opposition to U.S. policy in Latin America. The Mexican poet and novelist Homero Aridjis said Monday that it was an “ideological irony” that Garcia Marquez’s papers will now rest on American soil.

But Aridjis said it was likely a practical decision based on money, quality of care for the collection and better accessibility.

“The University of Texas, they catalog, take good care of the archives … and make them available to researchers,” Aridjis said. He later added: “It’s contradictory, because on one hand it’s pragmatic on the part of the heirs. But on the other hand, it’s contradictory to the career of Garcia Marquez.’

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