Germaine Greer: evidence of Shakespeare


A page from a typescript Germaine Greer has labelled TFE Editorial [struck out] then Shakespeare’s Early Comedies, c. 1964-c.1967. University of Melbourne Archives, Germaine Greer Archive, [Cambridge Papers], 2014.0044.00124

Dr Rachel Buchanan, Curator, Germaine Greer Archives, University of Melbourne Archives, explores the intriguing connections between Germaine Greer’s highly-influential The Female Eunuch and her early academic engagement with the works of William Shakespeare.

The formation of Greer’s formidable public persona, her activism and her reputation as a ground-breaking feminist, can be traced back through archival records that show her early interests as an academic and her research for her PhD, The Ethic of Love and Marriage in Shakespeare’s Early Comedies, awarded in 1968.

Buchanan’s article features a number of digitised records from the Greer archive that reveal some of the many dimensions of Greer’s life and work,  ‘the anarchist, the artist, the feminist and the journalist and so help contribute to new, or perhaps rediscovered, genealogies for one of twentieth century’s most influential books’, The Female Eunuch. Read the full article on the Conversation website.

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