Imaging Imperialism: symposium in Malta

The Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers (ACARM) Symposium ‘Imaging Imperialism’, will be hosted by the National Archives of Malta (at Triq L-Isptar, Rabat, Malta) on the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: 27th October 2017.


The development of audiovisual technologies coincided with British imperialism in such a way that the height of the empire is documented in drawings and photographs while motion picture captured the end of empire and the birth of newly independent nations across the world. Audiovisual materials are therefore important resources for the study of imperialism in the modern period, its pretensions, impacts, legacies and contemporary manifestations. This one day symposium will explore the preservation and use of audiovisual archives across the Commonwealth, with a focus on what they can tell us about the nature and vestiges of imperialism.

SLA hopes to be represented at the symposium, and encourages members to register. The registration page is here.


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