ICARUS and EURBICA joint conference, Trogir, Croatia

ICARUS Hrvatska, together with the ICARUS4all community (the International Centre for Archival Research), EURBICA (the European Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives), the State Archives of Split, and other partners, have organised the 4rd Croatia ICARUS days under the theme European archival landscape: Reaching out for new horizons. The conference will take place at the Hotel Medena, Trogir, Croatia, 14-16 March 2018.

This will be a joint conference between ICARUS and EURBICA – a major conference lasting for three days; and the ICA Section for Archives of Literature and Art (SLA) will participate in two strands of the conference: ongoing work on Safe Havens for Archives at Risk (a double session facilitated by SLA President David Sutton), and an introduction to the work of ICA for non-ICA members, in which the activities of SLA will be showcased as an example of how ICA Sections can conduct their business, with a particular emphasis on international solidarity.

The full programme of the joint conference can be accessed here.

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1 Response to ICARUS and EURBICA joint conference, Trogir, Croatia

  1. David Sutton says:

    SLA – Sekcija književnih i umjetničkih arhiva promiče kulturne vrijednosti ovog gradiva te radi na stvaranju svjetske mreže arhivista, skrbnika i korisnika. – ✓
    (Program, 15 ožujka 2018)


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