Directory of Literary Archives

Directories of Literary Archives and Sports Archives

As reported in the recent ICA publication Flash 36, SLA Secretary Heather Dean has prepared a proposal to ICA’s Programme Commission (PCOM) for a thoroughgoing revision and updating of our World-Wide Directory of Repositories holding Archives of Literature and Art. And the excellent news is that PCOM has agreed the proposal and the associated funding in full. This will enable us to employ a part-time worker on this mini-project, starting very soon and extending into 2019.

Any SLA member with suggestions for updating and improving entries in the Directory for any particular country should contact Heather Dean directly with the information or suggestion. A wonderful article about literary archives in Greece, for example, in the upcoming special literary issue of Comma makes it clear that our Directory entries for Greece need to be reviewed. And we need to reflect the work on literary archives (discussed at the recent SCOLMA meeting) in Botswana, Cameroon, Malawi and Namibia.

On 8-9 October 2018, the conference of SPO (the ICA Section for Sports Archives) will be held in Girona. SLA will represented at that meeting and there will be an agenda opportunity for the discussion of general principles in the constructing of archival directories, and also whether the SLA literary directory could provide a model for a future SPO sports directory.

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