Archives and Human Rights

Congratulations to our ICA colleagues Jens Boel, Perrine Canavaggio and Antonio González Quintana, who have signed an agreement with Routledge to produce a collection of essays on the subject of Archives and Human Rights, for publication next year.

Within ICA, the Human Rights Working Group is in the process of expanding into a Section on Archives and Human Rights. We hope this will happen later this year. Already the Section on Archives and Human Rights has the status of “ICA provisional section”. SLA is ready to welcome the new SAHR into the group of ICA Sections, and any SLA member who is not already a member of a second section is able to sign up now as a member of SAHR. Email the SAHR secretary at:

Meanwhile the Human Rights Working Group Newsletter continues to be published each month, marvellously edited by Trudy Huskamp Peterson, and ranging over events and activities all around the world. The May 2019 issue can be accessed here.

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