Latest edition of ‘Comma’

Congratulations to the editorial team of Comma, who have produced a really interesting new issue in mid-pandemic.

Entitled Yaoundé Conference 2018/Miscellany, issue number 2019-1 (published 2020) includes papers from a number of sessions at the ICA Annual Conference in Cameroon, together with some general essays.

Colleagues will be interested to read, for example, a fascinating interview of ICA’s long-serving Secretary-General Charles Kecskeméti by Jens Boel and Perrine Canavaggio, as well as (among others) a reflective essay entitled ‘Archives: a multi-faceted nature’ by Joan Boadas i Raset, which includes literary manuscripts among its examples.

And the essay entitled ‘Research on celebrity archives held by provincial archives in China’ includes reference to the papers of Lu Xun in Shanghai (mentioned in a recent post on this blog), as well as giving general observations about the recognition by Chinese archivists of the importance of personal papers.

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