Meetings of SLA members in 2017

Probably the two best chances for SLA members to meet together next year will be at the Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists in Portland, Oregon in July, and at the ICA Annual Conference in Mexico City in October. Here are the full details:

SAA Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 23-29 July 2017: “Archives 2017: alike / different”

ICA Annual Conference, Ciudad de México, November 2017: “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism”

I’d be grateful if SLA members who are likely to attend one or both of these meetings could let me know:

Many thanks.

David Sutton

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2 Responses to Meetings of SLA members in 2017

  1. David Sutton says:

    The dates of the Mexico meeting were given at the Seoul Congress as 21-27 October 2017. This is now likely to be changed to different dates in October. More news will be posted as soon as possible.
    David Sutton


  2. David Sutton says:

    The ICA meeting in Mexico has now been pushed back to the end of November, with business meetings on 25-26 November and the conference itself running 27-29 November. Let me know if you’re likely to be there.
    David Sutton


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